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Mystery Shopper

I miei rivenditori sono gentili? Competenti? Rispettano la politica-prezzi? Offrono i miei prodotti prima di quelli della concorrenza? E il posizio-namento sugli scaffali? A queste e altre domande rispondiamo dal 1988.
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Advertising agency

Thanks to the integration with Cercom's Market Research Department, we will first of all analyze your communication flow, feedback and image, comparing the actual results with the potential and aimed results, finding so the most efficient and inexpensive solution to structure your communication in Italy.

Furthermore we can:

  • develop a plan that uniquely positions your product in our very specific and overcrowded marketplace;
  • translate this positioning into a powerful creative idea that will convey your message in a distinctive and memorable way;
  • deliver that message in an integrated manner across the right mix of available media, exploiting all our media buying resources,
  • or simply localize your campaign for the Italian market.

Whether you work with us on a single project or on a full-service basis, you'll receive a top quality service. If you are looking for a flexible and positiv-thinking small Advertising Agency in Italy, please contact us.

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